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M 1783

Ship in a Bottle

SHIP IN A BOTTLE WITH UNIQUE, FAUX PAINTED, STAND. Excellent quality example showing a white hull sailing ship being escorted in a harbor by a steam tug. In the background is a wonderful depiction of a small village with five colorful buildings including a church, town hall with a large flag and some houses. Around the buildings are several trees. Separating the village and the water is a sea wall. Bottle length 12". Nicely mounted in its original, custom made, wood stand that retains its faux painted finish done in a mottled motif. Base color is deep maroon covered with black and gold dappling throughout. Round carrying handle gold colored. Overall length 14" x 7 1/2" high. Condition overall excellent with painted surface having nice age color and alligatored surface. As an afterthought maker cut a small window into the backboard to allow in more light. Unusual to find these with so much detail in the bottle. Circa 1890. 

Sales price: $750.00

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