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Brittania Engraver
"Elizabeth of London

SUPERB SCRIMSHAW ENGRAVED SPERM WHALE TOOTH by the artist referred to as The Brittania Engraver. Circa 1825. One side with an active whaling scene that includes a starboard view of the ship, 7 sperm whales, one with a waif, four fully manned whaleboats chasing the whales. Beautifully engraved using the deep, intaglio style on the ship's hull and all the whales. Vessel's flag and areas in the water around the whales inset with red wax. The reverse with a cutting-in scene with a captured whale along the starboard side while a large blanket of blubber is being hoisted aboard. The vessel's flag, the blubber strip, the whale and surrounding water all inset with red wax. Ship's hull and the whale also done in the bold intaglio style. Along the bottom of the tooth separating the scenes is the caption "ELIZABETH + LONDON". Thick, heavy tooth that measures 6.75" l. x 2.75" max width. Condition of everything superb. Recent research by Mary Malloy makes a strong case that the Brittania artist was a man named William Buckle who was captain of the London whale ship "Daniel the Fourth". Read part 1 of Mary's research in volume 8, No 1 of the "Scrimshaw Observer". This tooth represents one of the very best known examples known by this artist. It has great subject matter, tooth size, shape and condition, consistently high quality engraving and inset wax highlights. It's a 10. From my personal collection.   p.o.r.

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