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RC 53

Scrimshaw Wheelbarrow

BEAUTIFULLY MADE CHILD'S WHEELBARROW constructed using whalebone, oak and mahogany woods. Masterfully made with a 9" d., metal banded, spoked wheel that has a solid whalebone hub that is somewhat barrel shaped and reinforced on each end with metal bands. There are six whalebone, knee shaped, brackets that strengthen the two rear legs and the upper tub. The bottom of the legs are also tipped with whalebone. The sides of the carrying tub are removable as they slide in or out of four whalebone slots. The 27" long curved handles and arms that hold the wheel axle are each made from single pieces of oak.  Overall length of unit is 31". Height is 9" and maximum width being 13". Condition superb. Lovely age color throughout. Has a nice history going back to the early 1960's when it appeared in a marine catalog issued by Samuel Lowe, Jr., Boston MA. Also was in the Barbara Johnson and Jefferey Cohen collections. It has been exhibited at The Smithsonian Institute and Mystic Seaport Museum. I can't emphasize enough what a wonderful example of 19th century scrimshaw this item is. From my personal collection.

Sales price: $14,500.00

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