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RC 84

Edward or William Hill

SCRIMSHAW DECORATED BOX made from the top of a sperm whale tooth. Circa 1820. The tip of  the tooth boldly engraved with a whale ship and three whaleboats sperm whaling. Above is Neptune in a horse drawn chariot passing under a sun symbol. Reverse with a simple maiden and a sailor in the countryside with buildings in the background. Above them is a carrier pigeon, flowers and an Eye of Providence symbol. One edge with a maiden leaning on a fouled anchor and under the caption "HOPE". The removable bottom lid has a double border design with a depiction of a crocodile engulfing a man on one side. The reverse side  captioned "A PRESENT FROM MY BROTHER". The very bottom surface with birds, a thistle and harp. In the center is a small, inset coin dated 1821. Arching above it is an Eye of Providence symbol and two angels holding a banner with inscription "S. A. Beer". 2.25" x 2.25". Condition superb. I assume S. A. Beer was the recipient of this little gem from his brother who likely commissioned Edward or William Hill to create it. Hard to believe this beautiful little item is now over 200 years old! Illustrated on page 200 in Alan Granby's book "Wandering Whalemen and Their Art".  Exhibited at The Cahoon Museum in 2022. From my personal collection.

Sales price: $5,500.00

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