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W 1915

Fine Pair of 19th Century Teeth

QUALITY PAIR OF SCRIMSHAW TEETH ENGRAVED BOTH SIDES. Fronts with large portraits depicting a starboard view of a French frigate and a port view of a British, two deck, man of war. Reverse sides with a charming scene of a young sailor arm in arm with his wife. The other with a view of a British frigate at anchor. Both teeth with red polychrome highlights. 5.75" h. x 2.5" w. Overall condition superb noting a shallow blemish at the top of the tooth with the two deck ship. This appears as if it is contemporary to the tooth as the smoothness and age color exactly matches the rest of both teeth which have nice mellow patinas throughout. A strongly engraved and quite desirable pair of antique teeth.

Sales price: $7,450.00

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