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W 2001

Admiral R. E. Peary's
Narwhal Tusk

ADMIRAL ROBERT E. PEARY'S NARWHAL TUSK FLOOR LAMP.  Terrific item that descended through the famed Arctic explorer's family. The 69" long tusk stands vertical on tripod legs made using three 16" long Walrus tusks. It was made to be a floor lamp and has a 16"h. x 21 1/2" max diameter lampshade that is decorated with an original watercolor that depicts Peary's ship S.S. Roosevelt in the ice with people working onboard while native Eskimos with animals perform tasks around the vessel. It is fitted with a very old, two bulb fixture that just slides over the tip of the tusk and rests about 12" down where it is a wider diameter. The core of the tusk was bored out to accept the electrical wire so there are two small holes where the fixture rests so each of the two wires can come out attach to the fixture. Condition of everything excellent, original and as found. Tip in perfect condition and there is a nice age color over the entire surface of the Narwhal and Walrus tusks. Provenance: Admiral R.E Peary and his wife Josephine to their daughter Marie A. Peary Stafford to her son Edward Peary Stafford to his wife Margaret C. Stafford. I have a notarized affidavit from Lesley Christ who is the daughter of Margaret C Stafford and the co-trustee of her trust. In it she lists and describes this item.

Sales price: $19,750.00

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